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PostSubject: jaderock   Thu Mar 29, 2007 3:46 pm

Character Name: Jaderock
Race: Troll
Class: Rogue
Level (70): 70
Age: 17
Ventrilo (Yes or No): YEs
Usual Playtime: complicated schedule as my parents are divorced... Almost every day during the week from about 5:30 to whenever needed
Sponsor (If any): Pvehealer

Previous Guilds (please state why you left): Slaughterhouse V. I left because they were an ok guild but did absolutely nothing for anyone else.

Talent Build: 19/0/42...Subtetly
Willing to Respec?: IF needed most definitely

Attunements and Experience

Pre-Expansion: (Please Summarize your raid Experience Pre-TBC)Attuned for everything but Naxx
Karazhan: (Keyed? / Experience?) Last part( I know you guys dont allow anyone that isnt keyed BUT I will be keyed by saturday.)


Helm: Stealther's Helm of Second Sight
Neck: Pendant of Triumph
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Assassination
Cape: CLoak of Impulsiveness
Chest: chestgaurd of the dark stalker
Bracers: spymistresess wristgaurds
Gloves: smuggler's mitts
Belt: Burning Blade Devotee's cinch
Legs: Warpscale Leggings
Boots: Southshore Sneakers
Ring 1: Smokey Quartz ring
Ring 2: Ogre Slayer's ring
Mainhand: Ceremonial warmaul blood blade
Offhand: Edge of the Cosmos
Ranged: Sethekk Feather Darts


Why should you be apart of Devastate?:I should be in Devastate because I love to raid and I love a good guild!
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