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 Gesh <70 Rogue>

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PostSubject: Gesh <70 Rogue>   Thu Mar 01, 2007 8:37 pm

About Yourself
Hey there! I'm Gesh. ^_^ Basically i rerolled from alliance about 6 months ago. I was the main rogue of the second best guild on the server at the time. Was on 4hm before BC came out ^_^. I have a long raid history, I have played wow since the betas. I know every class front and back but rogue is my choice class. I have Diablo Stone to prove that I've played for years and can also have Ex-Guildies post to ensure that i have a raid history.
On a personal basis, my name is Jake. im almost 17, I live in Cali. I xferred here for a few reasons, amoung them are raid times and Immo. Since i was alliance i used to look up to immo for about 1.5 years and know a lot about the guild. There is nothing i would ike to do more than rape each and every one of their faces off. Anyway. I got a GF but she doesnt give a fuck if i play. I decided not to play baseball this year because of wow and dropped 1 f my AP classes so that i wouldnt have so much fuckin homework and i would be able to play more.
I hope u accept me!

Character Name: Gesh, Cure
Race:UD, UD
Class:Rogue, Priest
Level (70):70, 63
Professions:miner/engineer, herb/alch
Ventrilo (Yes or No): Of course.
Usual Playtime: Skullcrusher Server Time: 5pm - 2am in mondays/6pm-2am on tues,wed,thurs/6pm-2am monday morning ^_^
Sponsor (If any): Sindi, Sydony and a few others

Previous Guilds (please state why you left): Steel Talon Knights, Rerolled Horde after playing in their guild for about 1.5 years. I couldnt stand ally anymore and i have always wanted UD

Talent Build:for pve im going 20/41 BEAST DPS NO AGGRO. lol For PvP i switch off between 31/0/30 Hemo and 31/0/30 Backstab. I switched off mutilate and combat a few times for lvling. For al u rogues that wonder why i dont get gouge: i used to get gouge til i hit 70. Not very beneficial for arenas and worthless for pvp. I would rather have 6 secs of 10% dmg increase.
Willing to Respec?: Of Course.

Attunements and Experience
workin on Heroic keys atm. done all the 70 instances though.
Pre-Expansion: (Please Summarize your raid Experience Pre-TBC) MC Naxx AQ BWL Ony ZG Blablabla. Every 60 instance
Karazhan: (Keyed? / Experience?)
Almost keyed on my rogue. I will be keyed for sure by tomorrow.
I play a 70 mage which i am sellin gto my friend in a couple days, i have done all of karazhan on it and all of gruuls lair, ( Havent Downed Gruul but i know the fight)


Helm:Stealthers helm of 2nd Sight
Neck:Talonlord's Collar
Cape: Cloak of the Inciter
Bracers:Spymistress's Wristgaurds
Gloves:high warlords ( Deadly throw 3 sec silence is insane for pvp and pve)
Legs: Assassination
Ring 1:Ravenclaw Band
Ring 2:Pathfinders Band
Trinkets:Hourglass of the Unraveler, Bladefists Breath
Mainhand:Reflex Blades ( Whispering Blade of Slaying ) (Twin-Bladed Ripper) (Claw of the Netherwing Flight)
Offhand:Stormreaver Warblades ( Hungering Spineripper)
Ranged: Netherstrike ( Mark V's for PvE because stats are better)

I am a good player. I listen.I talk when needed. I joke around quite a bit but im also pretty serious.

Why should you be apart of Devastate?:
Everyone i have met in the guild has been awesome. Great players and fun people. In addition i really want to raid.

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PostSubject: Re: Gesh <70 Rogue>   Sun Mar 04, 2007 6:21 pm

Hi Again. I was just wondering if it was a yes or no on my app rabbit
Sorry to be antsy, Just rly anxious cuz usuallly 10 days means no but im not sure pale

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PostSubject: Re: Gesh <70 Rogue>   Sat Mar 10, 2007 12:24 pm

Guess thats a no, Thanks anyway
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PostSubject: Re: Gesh <70 Rogue>   Sat Mar 10, 2007 4:06 pm

Shishio wrote:
Guess thats a no, Thanks anyway
PST in game, have been busy with work.
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PostSubject: Re: Gesh <70 Rogue>   

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Gesh <70 Rogue>
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